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Tibetan Solidarity Alliance Blue Book Project

Introduction of Blue Book Project:

All men and women across the world are very proud of their nation’s rich and diverse cultural heritage --- should this not be the right of every human being -- to be proud of their culture, religion, language, nationhood, etc?

Since the forcible annexation of Tibet by the Chinese Communist forces in 1959, the government of PRC has implemented various systematic policies that are slowly destroying the unique culture and religion of the peaceful people of Tibet, their national identity and diverse cultural heritage is in danger of being lost forever unless you pledge to support for this worthy cause.

This is a crucial and promising time for the people of Tibet. As a supporter and friend of Tibetan people, you can further strengthen your solidarity with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan’s peaceful and non-violent struggle for freedom by holding a Blue Book, the knowledge that others are firmly committed to their peaceful struggle and raising their voices in protest is as important source of strength and hope for the Tibetan people.

The survival of Tibetans as a people of Tibet and Tibet as a nation depends on the strength of the Central Tibetan Administration headed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. 

Established in 1959, the Central Tibetan Administration in-exile ( hereinafter referred to as CTA) , situated in north Indian hill town of Dharamshala, serves the needs of the Tibetan community in-exile  ---from healthcare and education, to the establishment and maintenance of the Tibetan settlements in India, Bhutan, Nepal.   Over the years, the Central Administration in-exile has expanded and developed a strong and thorough infrastructure, with seven departments taking on the responsibility of various requirements of the Tibetan community in-exile.

The Central Tibetan Administration in exile (CTA) provides Tibetans an institution that they can look to for support and strength.

An increasing number of Tibetan refugees continues to flee every year in attempts to save their lives from the tyrannical & totalitarian Chinese Communist government, which is leading to expansion of Tibetan community in-exile. This means that the CTA is in need of assistance from the good will of international donors and sponsors like you in expanding its ongoing efforts to:

Preserve Tibetan culture and national identity
Provide education to Tibetan children
Develop and promote democracy
Provide rehabilitation to Tibetan refugees

In order to save Tibetan people’s traditions and culture from being lost, we solicit you to join The Tibetan Solidarity Alliance Blue Book project, which is formed to bolster the vision and noble works of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and his administration in-exile.    The Blue Book project is a vehicle for international citizens to directly support the Tibetan struggle and ensure easing of the plight of the Tibetan community in-exile.

The Blue Book is patterned after the Tibetan Green Book, which enables Tibetan community in-exile to make annual voluntary contribution to sustain Tibetan people’s freedom struggle as prescribed by the Charter for Tibetans in-exile. Having a strong Administration in-exile is necessary to maintain people’s hope and preserve their culture and heritage. Your support can make a real difference. Tibetans owe their survival to numerous considerate, kind and generous people like you.   Please consider the Blue Book project as your next step. Their need is great. Their cause is just.

Friends and supporters in Africa can join the Tibetan Solidarity Alliance and become a holder of the Blue Book by making your valued contribution to: OFFICE OF TIBET

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